Ojai Culinary School

The intimate Lavender Inn is the setting for the innovative Ojai Culinary School. The cooking school offers a wide variety of hands-on and demonstration cooking classes ranging from visiting chefs to local artisanal cooks. The emphasis on the cooking classes is to develop technique and expertise along with a sense of ease in the kitchen similar to yours.


Let us cook up a celebration for you – whether it’s a birthday, a bridal shower, or just a group getting together. We can tailor your class to your group’s cooking skill level and type of desired menu. Chefs will work side by side with your group to create a memorable meal.


The Ojai Culinary School is the perfect place to host your corporate team building class offered in three different formats. First, our Italian Instructor Clarissa Fishman (and Innkeeper) offers an interactive approach where employees get to know each other in an environment that is ideal for building strong relations in a fun, hands-on way while eating delicious food. You have a choice of Italian or California/Italian Fusion classes. A competition component that is popular with judging the presentation between the two teams on each course. The second option is a Pizza Making/Interactive class with Chef Randy Graham. This class has proven to be fun yet bonding while creating your own pizzas (gluten-free as well).  The third format of our Team Building classes is similar to the TV Show “Chopped” where two teams compete to create the best recipe/food items with a preplanned set of ingredients. “Contestants” work together to plan and execute a dish to win a ‘prize’. Call Beth at 805-646-6635 for more information!

Reservations: 805-646-6635


Join us for our Spring Classes:


Cake Decorating with Dee Gupta

April 28th @ 1PM

Ever wonder how beautiful cakes come together? Here is a perfect opportunity to learn to frost and decorate a cake from start to finish using various techniques. Learn to build one beautiful striking cake you can bring home that you can boast about. The class will build your confidence to take a future cake decorating project on your own. Come join in the fun! 

$75 a person




23 Ingredients at Lavender Inn in Ojai, May 5th at 1PM

If food is “the best medicine” THIS is your “medicine cabinet”.  Learn how these 23 ingredients combined, intermittent fasting, and your microbiome can:

1 Help your body do daily “home repair” including recycling unwanted unhealthy, and dangerous debris.

2 Turn on the known longevity genes. This is good!

3 Protect your body against five deadly diseases: high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, dementia and colorectal cancer.

The 23 Ingredients include 75% fiber, 15% protein and 10% fat. nutrient dense ingredients. The twice daily meal plan been tested and proven successful over the past 50-years by medical doctor Dr. Joel Rauchwerger M.D. Dr. Joel formerly served on the faculty at Baylor Medical College and worked with the famous cardiologist, Dr. Michael Debakey. 

Presented by Alexia Parks, author of 23 Ingredients and president of 10TRAITS.com and health coach Megan Edwards. Megan is a Registered Nurse (RN). She formerly owned a the Curves Fitness Center in Ojai.

Raw Foods with Chef Bianca, June 2nd 1PM

In this class Bianca will be sharing ways to include more wholesome raw and sprouted foods into our diets. You don’t need to be a “raw foodist” to enjoy the wonderful health benefits of nutrient dense fresh organic food! We will be going over some basics like sprouting and dehydrating, making non dairy milks and then move into making veggie chips, dips, easy, quick raw food meal ideas and more!


Raw Hemp milk
Chia pudding

Mung bean and lentil sprouts

Lentil burgers

Dehydrated kale chips

Sprouted Buckwheat herb crackers

Sprouted sunflower pate and collard leaf wrap

Cilantro pesto with zucchini noodles

Raw berry cheese cake with pecan date crust

(all menu items are vegan and gluten-free)

$75 a person

Lavender Cooking Class Sunday June 30 @ 1:00  Not to be missed is The Lavender Inn’s Cooking with Lavender class, a hands-on cooking class featuring a three-course farm-to-table dinner featuring lavender as the star ingredient. Taught by Private Chef Robin Goldstein with an impressive culinary background and love for local ingredients. She will make you roll up your sleeves and pitch in, which is the best way to learn and appreciate the meal, enjoyed al fresco.

$75 per person 

CALL 805-646-6635 for RESERVATIONS & more information on private or these public classes!