The Lavender Inn is a proud participant of Clean the World

The Bed & Breakfast program that is helping to save lives around the world by donating discarded soaps & shampoos so that those less fortunate can benefit from the practices of good hygiene.

3.5 million children under the age of 5 will die this year to two deadly diseases – acute respiratory infection & diarrheal disease.   Even more tragic than these is the facts that these deaths could be prevented by up to 65% through simple hand washing with bar soap.

Today in the United States alone, we will throw away 1-1.5 million bars of soap.

The Lavender Inn has joined  Clean the World in their effort to help save one million lives each year by donating it’s slightly-used soap and shampoo.  These products often end up in landfills and contaminate fragile ground water systems.

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