Pet Friendly, pets allowed

Lavender Pets

We are a pet-friendly Inn! In fact there are sightings of our own dogs at the Lavender Inn.

Vanessa’s sweet Tia often gets invited by guests to go to the park. Jack, Beth’s golden retriever, is well-behaved helping Beth in the office (but not so much at home). You won’t see Kathy’s springer Tucker at the Inn yet—the “T” in Tucker is for trouble—he’s always in trouble. Diana’s chihuahua Thia, is tiny but runs faster than a speeding bullet.   Visit our Pet photo Gallery.

Libbey Park is just across through the arcade and dogs are welcome on our numerous trails in Ojai.  

At the Lavender Inn dogs are family!  We have a bed and dog treat to welcome 4-legged friends.

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There is a $35 one-time cleaning fee for our guest dogs who can stay in the Topa Room or the Provence Cottage with a private yard.

In consideration of our other guests, please don’t leave your dog alone in the room.