More than just an INN

The Lavender Inn is not just a Bed & Breakfast.  It has become a platform for finding ways to help others.

Over three years ago, we started a retreat for women with cancer called INNcourage.  Once a year we close our doors to the general public for three days, to provide a space for healing, INNcouragement, comfort & love for women with cancer.  Members from our community extend themselves to contribute dinners, lunches, massages, facials, yoga, counseling, and love, while we provide the place to rest, make friends, elevate souls, have time to one’s self, think about nothing and, of course, have a delicious breakfast.

When these beautiful ladies attend the retreat, they come in not knowing that when they leave, they stand taller, smile longer and feel lighter.  You’ve heard it said before… “It takes a Village…” and we can’t thank those that participate in life changing retreat enough.  Thank you:  Feast for feeding our souls, Ann & Mary for relaxing our bodies, Brook for Healing our hearts, Casey for bringing out our inner beauty, and so many more.

INNcourage is not a cure but it is a REfresh button.  Read more in this amazing article written by Heath Croft in Innkeeper Quarterly.

Another amazing program that we’re involved with is Clean the World.  The Lavender Inn has joined  Clean the World  in their effort to help save one million lives each year by donating it’s slightly-used soap and shampoo.  These products often end up in landfills and contaminate fragile ground water systems.

The Clean the World program is helping to save lives around the world by donating discarded soaps & shampoos so that those less fortunate can benefit from the practices of good hygiene.  3.5 million children under the age of 5 will die this year to two deadly diseases – acute respiratory infection & diarrheal disease.   Even more tragic than these is the facts that these deaths could be prevented by up to 65% through simple hand washing with bar soap.  Today in the United States alone, we will throw away 1-1.5 million bars of soap.  We save unfinished soaps and shampoos and deliver them to the program and distribute to those in need.  For ways that you can contribute from home, click here. 
It doesn’t end there.  All of the ladies from the the Lavender Inn contribute in being of service to others in our special way.  Wether it’s making cash donations to causes, assisting someone in the community or simply being there in conversation, Kathy, Beth, Diana, Caitlin, Genoveva, Tanya, Pam, Michelle, Vanessa & Conchita are always here to lend a helping hand.