Inncourage Cancer Retreat

inncourage cancer retreatWe are excited to welcome another group of women to our December 2018 InnCourage (read below), mostly from local hospitals. Please email Kathy at for more information!

The Lavender Inn has created a program called InnCourage, a 3-day and 2-night retreat for under-served women undergoing treatment for cancer. These days are a respite for them from their everyday issues they are dealing which are compounded by the physical, mental, and emotional challenges of having cancer. They are treated to facials, massages, a healthy cooking class, an easy hike, one-on-one and group counseling, and a session with a make-up specialist. Most of all the women support each other and form a bond.
The transformational cancer retreat will explore healthy lifestyles with a holistic approach while giving women a time for relaxation, rejuvenation and renewal. On the last day, the family is invited to join them at the Lavender Inn for a reception with a health care professional to encourage a dialogue about their illness, and looking at the family support system.

InnCourage – The Ladies of Lavender By Maxine Hurt
Cancer doesn’t take holidays. But for eight survivors, the tranquility of a local inn is just what the doctor ordered.
Talking about life, cancer, and life with cancer. These are not light topics. But when eight women battling the disease speLavender Inn Candlelight Yogant a few days together at Ojai’s Lavender Inn, a welcome weightlessness checked in. Perhaps their proximity to a flower known to alleviate anxiety, depression, and stress helped. Or maybe it was the opportunity for the ladies to lounge around in their pajamas, like they did back when their worries were much smaller.
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