The Lavender Inn History

Originally built in 1874, The Lavender Inn was Ojai’s first schoolhouse.  Over the years, it has transitioned from a community center, to the home of Mayor Drown in the 30’s to Ojai Manor Hotel then the Moon’s Nest Inn.
In 2004 the Lavender Inn was renamed to reflect the prevalence of lavender being grown in the Ojai Valley.  Additionally, lavender has multiple impacts on the senses from the relaxing effects, aromatherapy and cooking. In 2008 Lavender Inn was named Landmark #14 and the Mills Act, only the 2nd building  in Ojai so far to be awarded this title.
“Your inn reminds me of older sophisticated houses on the East Coast. I love your mix of the old and the new. It’s refreshing!”  ~ Bend, Oregon